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The below message i had sent to KL,Malaysia Until today (8/7/2013) i still no satisfy with reply from Ms.Karen.

I really need HQ to resolve my issue. I need samsung Tab2 able auto focus camera to do my work. S/N: RF1C640T97R.

IF THE TABLE CAMERA CAN'T AUTO FOCUS ,HOW I USE TO TAKE PHOTO AND SCAN "Q BAR CODE AND BAR CODE LINE". Please reply asap or i need replace other model asap.

"Hi Ms.Karen,

Thanks yr reply,

Please provide me me your Top management email who are able to re solve customer feedback Samsung product Quality issue.

The best person is Korea Top Management. Malaysian Management Don't how to re solve product issue.

The person you provide to me can make decision product Quality issue in Market ( not manager level ).

Or call me On Monday morning ( 3/12/12).

Why samsung service DON"T to reply call to customer??????

Where Ms.Jasmise ?????

I need to resolve my tablet issue on Monday (3/12/12). My tablet sent to in Prai samsung centre repair more that 10days! No solution be solve.

Please forward this mail to Korea Management.

From Mr.Cheah



Thanks "

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